livestreaming ONLINEEE

eyeliner!kai >:D

Jpop summit table J !!!


I forgot to announce on tumbr … I’ll be selling there ;;;;; if you’re going, feel free to stop by!

I’ll have jonghyun keychains, original & kpop prints and stellar collision copies !!!!!

[store notice] - sale over, store closed.

thank you all so much for the support during the print sale!

i tallied up all the prints last night, so i’m ordering everything today~ i will let you know when i receive them & when i start to ship out orders.

if you have any questions or concerns, please throw me an email at ! 

Hi do you have the link for the krisyeol Prince!AU fic? Really need to read it after seeing the awesome pic omg

ahh my prince!au isn’t really written yet, or rather illustrated, i wanted to make it into a comic haha. i still have it in outline mode ;; but my friend has written snippets of prince au! some chapters might be from universes that don’t connect to others, so don’t worry about reading them out of order. i’m still world building forever so things could change in the future. here’s the krisyeol !